Day 35 – California Road Trip

23rd July 2014

My alarm was set for 8.20am but I woke up around 7.45am so I laid in bed and relaxed until my alarm went off. Ratt was already up too so we decided to get ready quick then go down to Hollywood Blvd for some breakfast since our car was due for pick up at 10am. While Jean and Em got ready Ratt and I grabbed some grilled chicken wraps and took a few last minute photos with some famous stars we could find. We headed back to the room knowing we had to leave right now to make it to the airport on time to collect our car but Jean was still sleeping so I woke her up then called a cab while she got ready. We struggled with our luggage, which is already over weight; down the corridor, in the lift and down the last little set of stairs. We jumped in a maxi cab, by this time it was quite late and by the time we arrived at Alamo car rental it was around 11.30am. Jean sorted the car as it was in her name then we headed out to pick a car of our choosing. The girls picked a little hatch back ford but we were quite doubtful that our luggage would fit. After a while of attempting to jam in everyone’s luggage we came to the conclusion that the Holden Cruze was the better option. We jammed in our stuff and we were good to go. Just like last time we had a shitty GPS that gave us shitty and sometimes incorrect directions so I used my phone for directions. First stop Wayfarers Chapel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the place of Daniel and Emily’s wedding on TV show Revenge. The views as well as the gardens and design of this place is spectacular! Amazing! It’s one hell of a spot to have your wedding. From here we headed south to Newport Beach which I believe is home to the TV show The O.C but I’m not a watcher so I’m not too sure. This place is beautiful, we stopped at the pier and the beach is just amazing and the little houses along the water are super cute! By this time it was 4pm and we were meant to have the car in San Diego by 5pm. Based on where we were and the distance to San Diego this wasn’t possible so Em and Jean decided they were going to keep the car until Friday and drive in back to LA to catch their flights home. This bought us a little more time so next stop, the famous Laguna Beach, also a TV show named and filmed after his place. Laguna is even prettier then the last place, beautiful sandy beaches like the ones in Oz. Cute little streets with cute little boutique stores full of arty things and galleries; I love art so this place was extremely intriguing to me. We went for a bit of exploring and ended up splitting up so we planned to meet at the car at 6.20pm as the girls no longer have phone connection and Jean wasn’t keen to drive at night. Off we went again but this time we were heading to our temporary home in San Diego. Traffic was ridiculous but we finally arrived at around 8.30-9pm. Tori and her super cute family ( hubby and two daughters) greeted us and showed us to our granny flat. Her daughters were having a sleep over so they had two more friends over. Tori also has a black dog named Willa and a collection of ducks and chickens in the backyard so it felt a lot like a cozy little home. Our granny flat was so cute! Timber floors, funky lighting, a cute bathroom and even funkier decor. We all loved it, it was the closed place we have had to a home and Tori even stocked the fridge with fresh eggs and milk. We also loved the company of having her dog around since we all missed our own pets. The girls threw on a load of washing on and watched some TV but I was way too excited for comic con so it was shower time then straight to bed for me.. Zzzz

Goodnight xx














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