Day 34 – Los Angeles in a nutshell

This was a MASSIVE day and I nor does weather really feel like writing this post.. Cause when I say massive, I mean GINORMOUS! Lucky for you, I’m gonna be a trooper and fill you in on today’s adventure 😊

Today we had a pretty early wake up, as we wanted to make it to the 8:45am Warner Brothers VIP studio tour. We somehow managed to get all 6 of us up and ready in about 1 hour with 1 bathroom…. Amazing effort right? Yeah, I thought so too 😉

Anyway, out the door we went and into a taxi to WB. Our taxi driver was a bit of a nutjob…scrap that he actually was a major nutjob who asked Emily to google traffic flow and directions for him cause he couldn’t as he was driving and then had the audacity to get mad cause we had no idea what he wanted and our internet wasn’t working.
So after a long ass ride to WB we finally said adios forever to him and made our way in. Luckily for us, we arrived around 8:15ish and got into the 8:45 tour. After watching a brief WB introductory video we were whisked away into a studio golf cart. Throughout the day we saw some really cool sets, the props shop, the set of the fosters where they had built a huge house inside one of their warehouse buildings. Looking inside you see all the tiny mechanics and building blocks needed to make the TV show. The house was pretty big and there are no ceilings, so when you look up all you see are cables… Lots and lots of cables and dangling lines. There is so much attention to detail that goes into building a fake need fake photos which we learnt are actually photos of the cast’s families, you need cereal boxes pre-made for the show with special names. Why? Because if you use a store bought cereal box you have to pay the company to use it and they make royalties from its appearance.. Even when you don’t even notice it!
Another little thing we learnt was that doorknobs and lights are installed last as they have to come from the era the show is in, so you can’t have a show set in the 60’s with lights and doorknobs from the 90’s as every little thing needs to be considered when filming a production.

Moving on, a few of us were excited to drive past the pll set but we couldn’t go in as they were setting up for next weeks shoot. We did however see a few of the props they were using for the episode! Something that we were all stoked to see was the F.R.I.E.N.D.S prop area where we got to sit on the famous friends couch and see the inside of the central perk cafe!

Nearing the end of the tour, the guide was going to drive us past where hart of Dixie usually films but had to stop as they were actually filming, I managed to spot lemon breeland (from afar but it still counts). After the tour wrapped up we wanted to go check out the Hollywood sign so we caught another cab and made our way there..which as well, was seen from afar. We took some pics, hopped back in the cab where we took a 30min ride to Santa Monica.

Here’s a fun fact, every cab ride that’s over 10 or 20 minutes… I pass out. Instantly! And every bloody time, someone has captured me sleeping gracefully like sleeping beauty 😉 jokes, when I pass out I 100000% resemble snorlax. All tubby looking and so’s terrible. As soon as I pass out, I start snoring and sleep with my mouth open. It’s such an attractive site, so attractive that jean and sim accumulated their own little album of my sleeping faces ahahhahahahahah

So I passed out on this journey and when I woke up we had pretty much arrived. We had lunch at a restaurant across from the beach and it was alright.. I’m missing the food back home! After lunch we headed down to explore the Santa Monica pier as well a the beach. We walked from this beach to Venice beach which was full of artsy people selling things of their craft. We saw sooo many little dogs, from my observations many people here love chihuahuas! I used to think they looked like the dog version of those fishies with massive kahuna looking eyes, but for some reason now I kind of think that they’re cute…I’m ashamed to admit it but there I said it! Phewwww, I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my chest 😉

Venice beach was cool though, both beaches were beautiful! Such white sand contrasted against the deep blue sea, white foam waves and bright blue skies. While on our walk to Venice beach we saw so many people just cruising along on their bikes, rollerblades and skateboards. The whole vibe was just so chill and relaxing. We left the beach and walked into a street filled with production vehicles pulling props from the trucks and into the street. There were crew people hanging around with microphones and as we reached the end of the street we saw a sign saying something about a film going on. Now I’m curious to see what really was filmed there! I didn’t have the balls to ask the film crew so now this too shall be something I’ll ponder for the rear of my life……no not really but still! Would’ve been cool to know.

We then shopped around for a bit and headed to dinner as tonight was the night that Sim and Jordyn were going home 😭 Nooooooooooooo 😭😭

We headed to sushi and soon after went back to the apartment. Sim and Jordyn had a flight to catch so off they went. I had to say goodbye to my sleeping and drunk buddy, sim, who i got into all sorts of mischief with when we were out and then to my laughing buddy, Jordyn, who I laughed with constantly! Chocolate pooooooch 😂

After our goodbyes we pretty much passed out. It was a big, adventurous and sad day but all in all was quite

Adios amigos ✌️























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