Day 33 – Good Afternoon Los Angeles

Up at 4.30am to make it to the airport by 5.30 to check in for our fight… Yea right! Like that would ever happen! After we all stuff around and hail a cab – two separate obviously because six of us don’t fit in one. Sim, Ratt and I finally arrive at the airport and check in our luggage only to realize boarding time is 6.20am and we are still waiting to go through customs at 6.25am.. Crap, not this again, we did this last time on the way to San Fran remember, they searched my luggage and I had to pay to receive it like 12 hours later. Anyway going through customs I get stopped as expected because of that damn jelly fish. By this time we are pretty late so we rush straight on the plane to be one of the last ones on. We aren’t last because the plane is still waiting on Jean, Em and Jordyn who come running aboard about 5mins after us and god knows what time but the staff surely aren’t too happy. The flight departed at 7am and arrived at 9.30am in Los Angeles but was actually a 5.5hr flight because of the time difference. It was a shit flight too, not real impressed with Virgin America, there was no meal included, we had to pay $25 each to get our bags on, there were no blankets and the seats were tiny. Back at the airport we collected our luggage and grabbed a taxi, it cost us $60 to our apartment which was $10 each (not too bad with 6 but with less people it’s quite the trek). We planned to drop our stuff off, grab some food then head to Santa Monica so we went down the road to Hollywood Boulevard and grabbed a meal. Everyone wanted to get changed so we went back to the hotel and before we knew it everyone fell asleep and we woke up at 3.30-4pm. So hopeless of us. We decided it was too late for Santa Monica now and just decided to walk around Hollywood Boulevard. There was a movie premier for Guardians of the Galaxy on at the Dolby Theatre and the girls were lucky enough to see Bradley Cooper. We looked at the Walk of Fame and the mall before deciding it was dinner time. Hooters ended up being what was settled on so in we went. The menu was very full on, wings, burgers, nachos, grilled cheese; pretty much nothing remotely healthy or non dairy. I ended up settling on Nachos without the cheese or sour cream but of course she never mentioned the non dairy part to the chef and they had to remake mine the way I asked. Typical. The other girls got Nachos, Ribs and Wings which was way too much food for us, we seem to never learn.
After dinner we headed back to the hotel where I jumped in the shower as quick as I could, made my bed on the bedroom couch. Ratt and Sim had the bedroom bed and Jean, Jordyn and Em had the lounge room couch and bed. I hopped into my couch and off to sleep I went, I was super keen for Warner Bros tomorrow so I decide early bed was a good idea.

Night boys n girls, Weather xx
















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