Day 32 – Bumming around NYC

Continuing on…
After a quick shower and change of clothes I (Weather) was ready for baseball, unfortunately the other girls weren’t ready and I felt the bored was turn to tiredness and then finally an overwhelming sleepiness that turned to sleep. So here I am asleep in Ratts bed, when you’re that tired your brain likes to make excuses as to why you should continue sleeping.. Some of mine were; the game was all the way out of manhattan and it would be an expensive cab ride, I’ll probably fall asleep while watching anyway, I have a flight extremely early tomorrow so I really should get some sleep. Lol anyway my sleepy brain overpowered my desire to go and I ended up refusing to get up. Ratt and Sim got up and left, she can tell you where they went…

So everyone is passed out and I’m here waiting for weather and sim to get up and out so we could head over to the Yankees game. Unfortunately weather decided to continue sleeping which meant that we would not be going to the yankees game that we had planned 😔

Sim got up and we decided to find a place to satisfy our pho cravings so off we went to koreantown (yes that is a place) to head to a restaurant we had found called pho32. The pho was ok but not as good a a back home, soon after we headed back to the apartment to find that everyone was up and ready to do things.

At around 3.30-4pm Sim and Ratt came back home and the other girls decided they were going to check out 9/11 so off they went. Sim went back to bed for a nap so Ratt and I watched I-Robot on TV. After a few hours of lazing around Sim said she wanted to go stock up on lollies since she was leaving in a few days so at around 6.30pm we grabbed a cab to Dylan’s Candy Bar. This place is 3 levels of lollies and a cafe that sells sundaes and other desserts. They even have 2.5kg gummy bears, that’s a little gross when you think about it. After Dylan’s we came across a TGI Friday and decided this looked appropriate for dinner. Ratt and I got steaks and Sim got a burger with a starter of buffalo chicken wings but as usual the dairy thing was an issue and the waiters and even the chef were confused as to what that was. They told me there was no dairy in my order even though the menu clearly said that the steak would be topped with butter.. I’m not sure if it’s stupidity or arrogance but either way it’s annoying. Finally we headed back home to finish packing and go to bed.
11.30pm, bed time, goodnight!

Weather xx











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