Day 31 – 9/11 Memorial NYC

After quite a late night last night we didn’t get up until around 11.30am but Ratt, Sim and I had tickets to see 9/11 memorial at 5pm so we decided to see a few more things before then. First stop the American version of Zambreros, Chipotle Mexican Grill; it was quite yummy!. I had heard a lot architecturally about the New York high line which is a train track that was turned into an outdoor space for the public. It was quite interesting in the sense that it had nice views and joined several blocks together by winding through apartment blocks and other buildings. Next stop was Hells Kitchen Flea Market, we were very unimpressed and had heard much better things, there was nothing that interested any of us and it looked sad and quite dead.. Reminded me of trash and treasure in Woden car park back home. Feeling a little disappointed we were hesitant to try the next ‘cool’ place I had heard about; Chelsea Food Market but we were pleasantly surprised. It was in a beautiful little old building which almost looked like an old train platform, maybe it was? On walking in the door we basically instantly spotted a custom cookie and cake shop and yep in we went. We all got something, I got a chocolate and salted caramel cupcake which was beautiful! We weaved in and out of all the little stores, what a lovely place.. $25.00 for a whole cooked lobster, fresh seafood, bakeries, crepes, Italian, sushi – stores for everything. Ratt and I came across some chocolate mousse, of course we had to get it but we tried not to eat too much as we wanted to eat Italian for dinner at Little Italy tonight. Afterwards the girls wanted to try Pink Berry frozen yogurt so we went there and sat around eating our goodies before catching a cab to the 9/11 site. The memorial itself consists of two huge water features said to be the exact dimensions and locations of the original twin towers. Around them are the names of victims of the event, it’s quite a beautiful place. Then there is the Museum which we bought tickets to see and it was defiantly worth it, not only is the building itself architecturally amazing but so was the exhibit. It took us a couple of hours to walk around the museum which was filled with photos, recordings, objects and videos from 9/11, it was amazing but extremely sad. By the time we finished it was around 7.00 and we were all hungry for Italian so we grabbed a cab and off we went to Little Italy. Everyone else must have had the same idea because the street was blocked and there were hundreds and hundreds of people strolling around. We picked a nice little restaurant and ordered, the girls got pasta and I got Veal Cannelloni which was nice but I had to scrape a huge amount of cheese off, even with my tablets that wouldn’t end well. By the time we finished eating it was around 8.30-9.00 and we had plans to go to Marquee night club tonight so we hopped in another cab back home. Before going back to the apartment we grabbed some alcohol, so cheap! It’s like $30 for a huge bottle of vodka and a bottle of champagne, yipee! We went upstairs and starting getting ready, this always takes way longer then it needs to but eventually we were mostly ready and everyone sat around the coffee table for a round of kings. Several drinks each and weird games later it was off to Marquee. On arrival cover was $50 per person, no body was really happy about that but we knew that had guest DJs and it was a huge club popularity wise. The music ended up being awesome and this was the first night the six of us had gone to a nightclub together this whole trip; I know crazy right! We have been here a month and never managed to get the six of us in a club at the same time. We danced the time away until around 4am when we made the decision to drop by the girls Aussie mates place and continue on with the game of kings. Finally home time, gotta go to watch Yankees baseball game in a few hours, the other girls went to bed but I thought maybe staying up would work better… Stay tuned! 😛

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