Day 30 – We made it to the capital! Hello Washington DC

Yesterday we booked a Washington day tour that was scheduled to leave at 7am.. Already I knew the morning would be a struggle but what I wasn’t expecting was getting around 2-3 hours of sleep the night before. So when my alarm went off at 5 the in morning you can expect that I woke up feeling so bright, cheery and ready to start my day…. No not really. I woke up like a miserable bag of ass…. Wonderful ahahaha

So we got onto the bus and I was seated next to and in front of three French people. At first it was cool to hear them speak but it’s 7am and I was planning on sleeping the whole 4 hour ride to Washington..not possible when the guy next to me kept laughing uncontrollably. It’s safe to say I did not sleep and I now felt like a miserable, cranky and sad bag of ass 😔 just kidding but seriously though I wanted to punch the guy.

So after the longest journey of my life so far (not really I’m just over exaggerating for the purpose of my story) we finally arrived in the capital. It was quite different from NYC, where NYC is fast paced, high in buildings, bursting with lights, huge stores and dirty streets, Washington was a stark contrast as to how different the two places were. Washington was beautiful! Everything looked so picturesque and clean with each building set with amazing old school designs on it. Visually, these looked amazing and impressive.

Anyway, our first stop was the Lincoln memorial which was huge and so amazing to see! It’s pretty much a giant GIANT GIANT building historically built in order to honour the 16th American president Abraham Lincoln (information courtesy of my best friend Wikipedia 😉) The memorial is also famous for being the place where Martin Luther king made his famous “I have a dream” speech and yes that’s right, we were in the exact place where that speech happened. Wow.

After we went inside to stare at the Lincoln statue (which was ginormous I might add), we had to leave real quick to head to the Korean memorial, the Washington Monument and finally we made it to the White House! Surprisingly it didn’t seem to have as much security as I had predicted but then again in my mind I had meshed together a vision of the White House and Buckingham palace security with heaps of guards standing outside. What we did see was a few police men, a cop car and that’s about it. Whether or not there were hidden security officers hiding in the lawn of the White House is something I’ll never know and will always ponder… Just kidding

The White House was actually quite smaller than what you see in movies but it was still just as beautiful. Following on from here we went to the wax museum where we took heaps of photos with American historical figures and other celebs. It was kind of fun but disappointing as we thought we would see heaps more celebs but oh well we had fun.

Next up was lunch at the air and space museum. Lunch consisted of visiting this massive McDonald’s which was set out real weird. You order at one counter then walk to the next to pick up your order, sounds kind of normal till you actually see the 17 other identical counters and the lines of people waiting for their food. Was kind of weird but a new experience nonetheless.

So we explored the museum and headed over to our last destination, the Capitol building. This was a pretty cool place to visit and we tried taking some pretty dramatic photos which made us all crack up laughing. After that we headed back to NYC on a 5 hour journey where this time I did get to sleep for a little while cause he French guy passed out…hurrraaaah!

We for back around 9:30 where we met up with Jean and em for dinner at a Thai place which was extremely satisfying. Afterwards we headed back to the apartment and got ready to head out to a club pacha.

All in all the night was pretty good and we came home soon after to catch up in some much much needed sleep after such a long day.

Until next post,
Ratt xx


















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