Day 29 – Ticking boxes in NYC

What a wonderful sleep! My alarm was set for 8.30 but I woke up before it which always means my days going to be much less tiring and stressful. While waiting for Sim and Ratt to get ready I decided to make myself some porridge with the almond milk and apple and cinnamon sachets we bought from the grocery store downstairs. On finishing my porridge I decided to wash all the dishes and clean the apartment kitchen as well as take out the rubbish, I truly do hate when my house is dirty. Once ready the three of us went to the Grayline Tours office and booked our Washington tour for tomorrow, $159 per person wasn’t too bad for a 14 hour tour with entry to all sights included. We had a basic idea of what we wanted to accomplish today, it was to start with the closest landmark to our apartment; Grand Central Station and end with the furthest which was Little Italy/China Town. So our day began, we walked along 42nd street until we reached Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building. We decided to have lunch in GCS and find the Magnolia Bakery we knew was in there somewhere. We ended up buy a box of cupcakes from Magnolia’s ( they were defiantly exaggerated, no where near as good as I had of expected, I will report back on the cheesecake). For lunch Sim tried Shake Shack and Ratt and I shared Chinese and Sushi, yes Ratt actually eats Sushi now after years of ensuring everyone it was disgusting lol. Maybe she’ll get hungry and eat an orange soon and decide fruit is good too, the world is full of surprises. We were excited to check out Macy’s so decided to walk that way but stop by The Empire State Building along the way. Some chick outside tried to scam us a few dollars extra on tickets but we were smart enough to just go inside. The wait time to go up was 1 and a half hours, which is way more time then we wanted to spare so we decided it was worth the $50.00 each to buy an Express pass and go straight up. The observation deck is on the outside of the building on the 86th floor and the views are beautiful! Well worth a visit I thought. After a few souvenirs we grabbed a cab down to the famous Katz’s Deli on Houston Street. (We decided to do Macy’s later as we required contact from some Aussies to do some gift shopping and it was very early morning back home). At Katz’s we ordered a roast beef sandwich which is served with raw beef on bread and pickles on the side. Sim did not like it at all and we were a little unsure as to why this place is so famous, we put it down to ordering the wrong thing and wouldn’t bag on it just yet, another try is defiantly required before making a decision. After Katz’s we walked a few blocks to China Town / Little Italy, some street nice and some dodgy. New York has been very hit and miss I have found, on one street is nice and then the next is dodgy and dirty. Anyway once at China Town it was just like any other and we grabbed some bubble tea to sip on while walking around. We realized the time and knew we needed to leave soon as we had plans to meet the other girls at the Comedy Club at 8.30pm. We grabbed a cab and stopped by Top Shop before heading to Macy’s. Here I spent a crap load, bought daddy a present and mummy in-law (Paul’s Mum that is). After a really long time in Macy’s we had to head straight to the Comedy Club. At the Comedy Club we had paid $10.00 per person prior to get in on the night and the girls had been told drinks were included. At the door we were told it was a two drunk minimum required on top of the ticket price. Feeling a little betrayed we all went in and ordered a round of drinks from what I think was a douche waiter. The acts were very up and down, a few funny and a few just not. We ordered our second round of drinks as the waiter told as we had no choice and watched the rest of the show. At the end of the show the club added a huge chunk of tax and tip then handed us a $150.00 bill. Not real impressed that an average show that we thought was going to cost $10 each ended up costing an extra $25 each on drinks and tips, we headed home. At home we dropped our stuff from the huge day we had and went out in search of food. For a city that’s meant to be non stop there sure are almost no food places open at 1.00am. In the end we chose to eat at the Halal Bros street cart which was yummy and the staff were actually nice for one in this city. By the time we got back home it was around 2.00am, after showering and talking on the phone to Paul I think sleep time was around 3.30am.
The other girls went out bus Sim, Ratt and I stayed in since we had a 5.30am alarm set to visit Washington.

Goodnight, Weather xx


























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