Day 28 – New York Explorers’

16th of July

Today was a massive day for Weather, Sim and I. I know you don’t want to hear the gory details so long story short, we went to the Guggenheim, strolled through Central Park, saw the met museum and the empire hotel, had Thai food and observed from afar the Lincoln centre. That pretty much sums up our day but if you would like to hear the more detailed version, read on my friend, read on..

So once upon a time….. Ok ok time to get serious. Our day began with a 10am wake up where we had a cute pancake breakfast courtesy of Jean and Em. This was our first home cooked meal of the trip and it was pretty damn satisfying. Soon after Weather, Sim and I went off to our first destination, the Guggenheim.

To get to this world famous museum we had to catch the subway. In movies
catching the subway seems like a piece of cake, but let me tell you the biggest secret of all…..In real life its pretty darn confusing.

Let me tell you this, the subway is like a massive mecca of confusing interlinking tunnels of darkness and mayhem. Yes… It is a wee bit crazy and the atmosphere is full of hustle and bustle. To put it into perspective imagine a colony of ants in an ants nest, it’s hectic. Everyone has a job to do, they know where they’re going and what they’re doing and somehow within this mega unified community lie three teeny tiny little lost ants which are of course us, and yes I probably did not need to compare the two situations, but I did and now you know. Moving forward and getting back on track, we somehow managed to master the NYC subway like pros….and ended up a few blocks away from the Guggenheim! Hooray!

Walking to the Guggenheim you notice how pretty the streets are. The buildings are all old school masterpieces and kind of reminded me of San Francisco. The only difference between NYC and SF is that the people in SF seemed much much friendlier then the New Yorkers. If I had to guess as to why I would say this is down to the lifestyle and the fact that New Yorkers seem to lead busier more frantic lives which is because they live in the city that never sleeps! Walking around NYC you get to observe people from all walks of life and it’s kind of cool to just observe and take it all in. I saw some lady who was either very fashionable or a whack job wearing a colour coordinated cream and pink outfit wearing one pink shoe and one cream shoe. I also saw a lady with nails that were at least 5cm long and I saw men in suits everywhere! People are constantly on their mobiles and because we’re in Times Square, there are heaps of people working trying to sell you tourist activities. New York is kind of glitz and glam, filled with bright lights and a crazy amount of people and amongst it all is the constant stream of construction of new buildings a around the city. Its a city that’s so rich with life and so vibrant and full of tourism, it’s really kind if surreal to actually witness and be here.

Anyway we saw the Guggenheim and weather took many photos as the museum was built by the worlds most famous architect……..It kind of looked normal to me but hey what do I really know about architecture? Ahahaha

After staring at this building for some time we made our way into Central Park. Central Park is freaking BEAUTIFUL! There is no other way to describe it because it just is!

We strolled around most of the day and left the park for a bit to look at the met museum. It was huge and was soooo busy! To us, we wanted to check it out as one of our fave TV shows called gossip girl, had scenes from the met steps of the museum in it. So we took a few photos and went back into the museum to enjoy the scenery. After walking for so long we sat down for a bit to indulge in some fresh lemonade and frozen custard mmmm 😍

After our little break we headed out of the park to check out the empire hotel and the Lincoln centre. Both were cool to look at but it was nearing dinner so we headed to a Thai place for some food. Here’s a fun fact, ever since being here we all eat much more frequently. We eat, we snack, we drink we snack, we eat again and it goes on and on. I’m warning you now, don’t be surprised if we come back a little bit rounder…. Ahahahaha just kidding but in all seriousness we eat so much not because the food is good and better than Australia, no. To be honest I’m not really enjoying all the food, not sure about the other girls but I miss Australian food so much. Sure there is more variety here but I miss home!
But the reason why we eat constantly is because we are constantly on the go, trying to see all the sites and attractions!

Getting back on track, our Thai food was alright and soon after we headed home and passed out.

A few American observations before I go:

1. The service here is sooooo slow! Fast food is not actually fast at all! There is no concept of time and people just dawdle while doing things…. Extremely frustrating. I probably would have had my third child by now and my pizza still would not be ready…. Just kidding but believe me when I say the service is slow.

2. The food here is either waaaaaay too salty or way too sweet. I haven’t noticed an in between….yet.

3. For people that say things are cheaper in America, please tell me where. So far, prices have seemed comparable to Australia which also means we are paying a little bit more for the same things (foreign currency conversion). Food prices seem the same and for those of you wondering why I talk about food so much it’s because it’s constantly #1 on my mind ahahahahahha
I have found makeup products to be cheaper here and yeah I guess some clothes are bit everything else seems to be on par with Australian prices.

4. I had a few more observations but I’ve forgotten them… At the movement I’m on a 5 hour bus ride home from Washington, so if I think of anything else I’ll add it in later.









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