Day 26 – East Coast Transit

June 14th 2014;

5.50 alarm was painful today but we slowly one by one got up and packed our suitcases ready for departure. Around 6.00am Ratt, Sim and I decided to use up the free early bed breakfast opportunity since we defiantly did not get our money’s worth on the drink package, we didn’t even spend half of what we needed to for it to be a good deal. Note; on a cruise only get a drink package if you plan on spending everyday on the ship getting wasted, if not then just but the drinks they are cheap anyway.. We went back to our room collecting our stuff and Jean then rushed up the the gangway since we had a pick up car planned for 8.00am. By the time we got off the ship and out of customs it was just after 8. We found the car we booked and off we went to Orlando airport. A few rude Delta check in ladies later we were going through customs. Both mine and Sim’s bags got put aside after the X-Ray machine and we were asked to open them up. I already new that paper weight jelly fish thing I could searched for last time was the same reason this time do I wasn’t bothered. Sim was a little unsure why she was stopped but when the custom officer put his hand in and pulled out a giant gummy bear we both thought it was hilarious. So we got the all good and now to wait and board the plane around 10.30-11am. We arrived in New York around 1pm then caught a taxi to our apartment on 42nd Street, we literally share a street with the Chrysler Building and Times Square.. So so awesome! We met Em and Jordyn at the apartment, dropped our stuff off then headed off in search of food. The girls found a 99c pizza store, sadly I couldn’t join in so I decided to wait until I find something else. We went across the road to a pharmacy where we found porridge, lactose free milk and lactose tablets, yipee! Further down the street we found a grocery store that sold fresh sushi and lactose free ice cream; lunch and dessert sorted for me. After we arrived back at the apartment we had a quick shower each before heading to pier 83 to catch our harbour lights tour. The tour took us all the way around lower Manhattan showing Brooklyn bridge, Statue of Liberty and all the amazing architecture on Manhattan. The tour ended around 8.30pm and soon after we ended up finding a great Vietnamese restaurant about 6 blocks away that had amazing spring rolls and dumplings. The pho was ok but did not satisfy any of my cravings…. 😦

Anyway, we once again did not learn and we ended up ordering waaaaay too much food which we all ended up feeling way too full and a and bit sleepy zzzz

After dinner we came back to our New York home






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