Day 25 – Cococay, The Bahamas

Even though our bedtime wasn’t too late last night getting up at 8.30am was quite difficult. As usual we all got ready then headed to Deck 9 for the breakfast buffet. After breakfast we dropped past our room, collected out stuff and headed to the ferry which took us from the ship to Cococay. We had around 3 hours until our jet ski tour so we went to the snorkel shack and collected our masks, flippers and vests before finding a beach chair to dump our stuff. We went straight in the water, I was wearing my GoPro and Ratt was using her phone with its waterproof case. Unfortunately some water got into the charger part of her phone and now it won’t turn on, will keep you posted on that situation. The four of us headed out a bit away from the beach which was full of families and found an awesome spot with heaps of rocky areas. We saw lots of fish in all different colours and some would have been bigger then 30cm which is cool. Sim decided she’d had enough and the salt water was stinging her burns so she went back to our beach chairs. Ratt, Jean and I wanted to find the sunken plane so we swam further out until we found it. It was defiantly not that simple though, I cannot swim to save my life so there were a few panic moments and exhausted moments where the water was way way deeper then I would have liked. After observing the plane we decided to head back in not knowing what time it was. On land it was time for the complimentary lunch buffet so we dug in the had a quick stroll around the island markets. By now it was 2pm and we were due at the Wave Hut for our jetski tour. After a quick orientation and safety talk we went out on to the wharf and jumped on a jetski each (except sim rode as a passenger with Jean). The tour had 10 jetskis of amateurs and 3 guides. They took us right out and around our ship which was tendered out in deep water. We were allowed to take the jetskis full throttle which was 41 miles (?? Kms) but not everyone did. At times the jetski would get air over waves which was super fun but also super scary at times once I was wet and the seat became slippery. We parked our jetskis and headed back to the ferry to board the ship.
On the ship we decided to shower and look nice for our last night then head down to the dinner room for dinner and drinks. After dinner we went back to our room as Jean wasn’t feeling well. While Jean relaxed Sim, Ratt and I went to check out the onboard shops and photo centre. Not long and we went back to the room and went to bed ready for our early departure tomorrow.

Weather xx












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