Day 24 – Nassau – Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, The Bahamas

After our 4.30 bedtime last night even my 10am alarm was way too early but we dragged ourselves up to make it to the free breakfast buffet. After our breakfast buffet we grabbed our stuff from the room and headed to the gangway to depart the ship at 12.00pm. After getting off the ship we were collected by a shuttle bus that would take us to the Atlantis resort and then show us how to reach Dolphin Cove, this place is amazing and friggin huge!! Finally arriving at Dolphin Cove we prepare, putting on wetsuits and putting our stuff in lockers followed by a safety talk. Our interaction started at 1.35pm we got to meet Dolphins Kelly and Isus, super cute and so smart! Dolphins have the brain capacity to not do stupid things that they think could result in injury.. Wow! The dolphin interaction was good, we got to kiss, high five, belly rub and the dolphins did tricks, loved it. After the dolphins we grabbed a quick hot dog each then headed off to Aquaventure water park. First things first, we dumped our stuff in a locker and jumped on the lazy river. The lazy river was huge and took you all the way around the water park allowing the option to get off at other attractions. Next I was determined to try the slide I had seen so many photos of The Leap of Faith, we waited in line around 20 minutes until finally reaching the top. Sim is scared of heights so hearing the people before us screaming was defiantly building up the fear but excitement at the same time. Finally my turn and you are required to lay down with your hands and feet crossed, so I turned by GoPro on, followed the instructions and went on the green light. When you edge forward slightly you can see the huge straight down drop but by this time you can’t turn back so you just scream your head off and down you go straight through the middle of a shark tank and out the other side, so much fun! We do a full circle grabbing double tubes along the way to do the ride next door, two at a time we sit in the tubes, go down the slope and end up in a lazy river floating through the shark tank, super cool! Up we go again this time to do the challenger which is a racing slide with two lanes, all the dips made me get airborne lol. We went on a few more rides and had another go on the lazy river before heading inside because the park closed at 5.30pm. Inside we explored The Dig which is an aquarium themed like ancient Egypt. We headed back to the marina to make the last bus at 7.00pm to port. Once at port we boarded the ship and went to our room to get changed and ready for dinner, tonight was formal night but no one was bothered so we just went to the buffet upstairs in casual clothes. On arrival back at our room we noticed water had come up through our shower and flooded our floor, gross, looked like sewage water. After maintenance / room service came to fix and clean our room we showered and Jean fell asleep. Sim, Ratt and I decided to head to Deck 9 to the late night buffet and for some cocktails since we did buy an unlimited drink package. Tomorrow was going to be an early day and a busy one as we had another island to visit and more activities planned so we headed off to bed.

Weather xx









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