Day 23 – Be right back heading to The Bahamas

So today everyone woke up between 9:30 to 10 while I (Ratt) had been up since 8. I kind of passed out quite early last night as we has such a massive day at universal. At 11.00 we checked out of our hotel and headed outside to meet our black town car that would be taking us to and from the cruise. The drive between our hotel and the port is around 1-1.5 hours so we decided to stop half way at McDonalds and get breakfast seeing us our driver told us there would be no food of any kind at the port. Still just as gross as McDonalds in Oz. On arrival we dropped off our luggage and headed through customs onto the ship where we had a quick look around before going down to our room to drop off any unnecessary stuff. Our room was very small with 4 bunk beds, the top bunks fold down out of the ceiling so at first we thought there were only two single beds and we were all quite unsure. We decided to head up to guest services to ask about our bedding situation but they informed us that the two bunks would fold out soon when room service came so problem solved. Next stop, Deck 9 for welcome buffet.. Yum 🙂
After buffet we went back to our room to change into our swimmers but sim and jean fell asleep so Ratt & I (Weather) got changed and went to the pool on Deck 9. They were selling drink packages on board the ship, $55 per day for unlimited juice, water, soft drink, cocktails and other alcohols. Ratt and I decided to to grab a package each followed by some cocktails and pool time.
At around 6pm we headed back to the room to wake the girls up and grab some dinner. Dinner tonight was at Level 5 dining room, dress code casual so off we went. Since we didn’t make a booking we were seated at a large table with two guys probably in their late 20’s – early 30’s. We had a good laugh and they had a lot of fun attempting our accents, Ratt taught them the word ‘shitter’ for toilet so one of them (drunk of course) was raising his hand and asking where the shitter was in the restaurant.. Quite hilarious! After dinner we started making the most of our drink packages, ending up in the ships nightclub on Deck 11. After many drinks and a lot of loudness we left the club at around 2am and ended up at the adults only pool where Ratt and Jean were pushed into the water by our mates from dinner. Finally a few hours later Sim and I (Weather) decided it was bed time as we had a full day of activities at Atlantis soon. 4.30am, sleep time 🙂

Weather and Ratt











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