Day 22 – Universal Studios Florida

Our 8.00am alarm went off and it was time to get off and get ready for universal, at around 8.30 Jean and I headed down to our free breakfast but had to hurry since our shuttle was arriving at 8.45am. After grabbing some toast Jean and I headed out the front to find the shuttle driving away, FFS! We went back in and sat down to continue eating as we had missed it anyway. Sim came down and joined us and then Ratt around 10 minutes later (which means we probably wouldn’t have been able to catch it anyway since it wouldn’t have waited). We all finished our breakfast and called for a cab. On arrival at universal we went through the gates and our first ride was the Shrek 3D which was like a 3D movie but with seats that moved and squirted water etc. Next we headed to Twister which was kind of a documentary to start with and then moved into a simulator which was kind of interesting but also kind of boring. Off we go again stopping along the way to take photos with Jaws and other props. Next stop Men in Black ride which was a ride that allowed you move on a cart and shoot at aliens that jumped out at you, super fun. At 2.30pm there was a Fear Factor live show that we wanted to check out so off we went. It was quite interesting, stunts, creepy crawlies etc. We continued on around the park, next area was Simpson (I love Simpsons!!). We want on the Krustyland ride which was a cart that moved and shaked along with a virtual world, made me feel super sick. Afterwards we went to Bumblebees taco stand which was quite yum 🙂 we then went to check out the minion and transformers rides but they both had over an hour wait so we did some shopping. At 3.20 it was our dedicated time to check out the new Diagon Alley from Harry Potter so off we went and wow! It was just like being in the movie, Gringotts bank was awesome!! Everything seemed exactly like it was in the movie and this portion of the park was packed! We even had to line up outside to get into the actual shops! After wandering around in pure amazement and utter joy we decided to head into the leaky cauldron to try some of the infamous butter beer! Oh my god it was so sweet and amazing! Unlike any other drink we had ever tried! We ordered bangers and mash and it seriously was one of the best meals we’ve had since we’ve been here! From here we departed ways; Jean and Sim continued on in the same park visiting the Minion, Transformers and Disaster rides before heading home to do laundry. Ratt and I got into the Harry Potter and traveled over to the next park Island of Adventures. On arrival we were in the Harry Potter portion of the park, again.. amazing! It was pouring rain so we wondered though the park in our ponchos, all the rides were closed so we just explored all the retail stores (this park was the better one and we kind of regret not starting here first, so many cool rides). After walking around in the rain and ending up soaking we decided to head to universal city walk for some dinner, there were long wait times and we were impatient. We came to the decision we were going back into the initial park and attempting to get on the rides we missed, fortunately Transformers wasn’t too late of a wait time so we lined up. The Transformers ride ended up being defiantly worth the wait. By this time it was 9.00pm so we went back to Bubba Gump Shrimp at the city walk and this time we got straight in. We got crab stuffed mushrooms for entry which were delicious and for main I ordered a dairy free seafood pasta which I’m pretty sure wasn’t dairy fee and Ratt orders crab stuffed shrimp. The meal was quite yum, see pictures for reference lol. Finally back at the hotel at around 11.00pm where Jean and Sim were waiting on their Chinese delivery. I unfortunately started regretting dinner and the dairy took affect and I felt like crap, looks like I’ll be giving the dairy a miss for the next few days ( I’m pretty sure I said the same thing yesterday after getting sick?, I never learn). It was packing and cruise preparing before a 1-2am bedtime.

Weather 🙂




















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