Day 21 – Orlando

After everyone had such a late night last night things didn’t get underway until after midday and it was around 2pm by the time we finally got out the door. From our hotel we were going to catch the trolley bus and walk to the Post Office but it started it’s usual afternoon pour down (Florida why you so weird!!?) so we caught a taxi straight there. At the PO Ratt and I put some stuff together in a box and sent it to San Antonio Texas to wait for us with Stocks – also first name Jessica, friend from college who is actually from America but spent her college years in Australia. We will be ending our trip with her so we will collect our stuff from there seeing as our suitcases a pretty much at weight limit already. After PO we caught a taxi to Florida Mall where we grabbed some lunch, it was quite yummy!. We were all in desperate need of some cash since not only were we all down to our last $100 or so but we opted to pay cash for all our cruise expenses this weekend and all the ATMs we have had so far had a $400 limit so thank god for the $800 max on this one! Once we all filled our wallets (mine was so full it wouldn’t close, stupid ATM only spat out $20’s) we headed off into the maze of shops. After strolling around or a few hours and Jean making it clear shopping for Orlando was no longer amusing we went out the front and grabbed a cab home. Arriving home Ratt was quick to jump on the net and search for a place to deliver some food, in the end we settled on an Italian place that has been slipping menus under our hotel door all week. I picked spaghetti and meatballs as it was the only cheese-less thing on the menu but quickly fell asleep and forgot the food was even coming. More then an hour later the food arrived cold and as non appealing as I had anticipated, it tasted the same as it looked but we were all hungry and by this time it was midnight. After eating everyone did their usual routines and watched some friends on TV until sleep time.





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