Day 20 – Florida Adventure Tour

After our late bedtime last night getting up at 7.00am today was a struggle but we had already pre-purchased our Florida Adventure Tour with Florida Dolphin Tours so we got ready and headed around the corner to our pick up location at 8.20am.

The bus arrived and took us up the road for a buffet breakfast at Sizzler, yum! From there it was a 1hr 45min drive to our first stop; Crystal River. Once we arrived we got into our wetsuits… Which was kind of a struggle as they were so tight and a wee bit hard to put in and soon after we hopped into boats in search of Manatees.

I’m not saying I can’t swim… I mean I can swim enough to get to the other side of the pool but once we got out into the open water, I knew I would struggle….hard. Everyone got into the water and we all had a little pool noodle to keep us afloat as well as a pair of snorkel googles but I struggled with trying to figure out the whole breathing in through the mouth concept. It didn’t help that the water was murky, I didn’t know what was beneath me and to top it all off somehow I lost my little floatie and I felt like I was gonna drown..suddenly my life flashed before my eyes…no not really but I was yelling for someone to help me and hallelujah a saviour came to my rescue in the form of SIM! Hooray!! Sim gave me her noodle to hold but then we both nearly drowned until another saviour came to our rescue… Thank The Lord for Weather ahahhahaha as you can probably tell I survived this traumatic experience and I am currently living and breathing to tell you this story. I’m alive and well thanks for asking 😉

I also forgot to mention that none of us can swim very well…at all so maybe the snorkelling idea wasn’t such a good idea hahahha

Anyway getting back on track, jean was able to see the manatee, weather swam above it and I saw it’s tail but sim didn’t see anything at all, it was a mother and baby Manatee. The water was a little murky so we didn’t see much but my god they are big! At 1.00pm it was time to get back on the bus and head to destination #2; Homosassa State Wildlife Park. Here we were provided with a little packed lunch each including chips, a sandwich, cookies, fruit, water and juice 🙂 yum.

We walked around the park until 3.15pm seeing wolves, more manatees, alligators, a hippo and more. We got back on the bus for a 45min drive to our final destination Wild Bill’s Airboat Tours at Whitlacoochie River. As soon as we hopped off the bus we had the opportunity to told and take photos with a baby alligator. After that we walked past a huge male alligator named Bubba on our way to the airboat. Getting on the airboat Jean and I decided to get in the front row for better GoPro opportunities and because apparently that’s where you get the most wet. The ride consisted of alligator sightings as well as stunts and a lot of getting getting drenched for both Jean and I.. It was awesome!
Afterward back on the bus for our hour-ish long journey back to our hotel.

After arriving back at our drop off location we decided to grab our Universal Studios tickets and some dinner before heading back to the hotel. Dinner was at BJ’s, where we all ordered steaks and chops followed by cookies n cream and salted caramel desserts and lastly cocktails. Dinner was really good and we were all pretty fat and satisfied after our meal, We then strolled home where the girls got ready to go out but I (weather) decided to stay in as I was feeling a little sick, probably pushed by luck on the dairy intake at dinner 😦 sad.

Weather and Ratt xx













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