Day 19 – The happiest place on earth aka Disneyworld!!!

Alarm time 7.45am, Sim, Ratt and I get up and ready then head down for continental breakfast of waffles and maple syrup. At 9.10am our shuttle arrived and off we went to Magic Kingdom. By the time we got into the park it was around 10.00am so we headed straight to splash mountain as it was one of our 3 fastpass selections for the day. (Fastpass allows you to go straight to the front of the line on 3 rides of your choosing each park). Splash mountain was fun but Sim and Ratt didn’t really think so, they were super scared muhaha! After Splash Mountain we explored Frontierland and Cinderella’s Castle before heading to the Haunted Mansion (our second Fastpass selection). The Haunted Mansion wasn’t really scary at all but was still cool and had plenty to
look at. Next we decided it was lunch time and thought seeing as it’s Disneyworld we should eat greasy so we decided on chips, nuggets and battered fish. After lunch we had some time to kill before our last Fast-pass time so we headed over to Adventureland and then along to Tomorrowland. Our last Fast-pass stop was Space Mountain but unfortunately it was closed so we moved on to Fantasyland. On our way back to Main Street we detoured past Space Mountain but still closed so we went to Main Street and watched a parade then continued shopping. Disneyworld defiantly made money from us! After Disneyworld we organized to meet Jean at Premium Outlet Vinelands where we all emptied our wallet further, especially at Nike. Finally we left the Outlet at around 11pm and decided to stop by Burger King on the way home. After some utter grossness we walked back to our hotel, by now it was around 12.30am. Once at our hotel we all took turns showering, 4 girls, one bathroom is not ideal. By now everyone was hungry again so we decided to get pizza and buffalo wings which arrived at around 2-2.30am. The girls sat a around and ate but I decided sleep was more important and of I want to bed.

Another observation.. Here in Florida ATM’s only allow a maximum of $200 or $400 to be withdrawn from any ATM in one go. So annoying for us foreigners as we have to withdraw more often and get charged more fees. Even locals.. How do you do anything with that amount of money, everything has to be paid with card I guess, kind of inconvenient.

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