Day 18 – Crossing Florida… Hello Orlando

6th July 2014;

Time to move on.. I had my alarm set for 10.20am because Consuela’s daughter (lol we nicknamed our Spanish maid and her daughter after the one out of Family guy.. We even spent most of Miami talking like she does on Family guy; hilarious!) anyway where was I? Oh so Consuela’s daughter had told me she was coming at 10.45am to pick up a set of keys. I got up and did my teeth etc before waking the other girls up then spent my time blogging while the other girls got ready. Consuela’s daughter came around 11.30am then we called a cab and headed to the airport to catch our bus at 1pm. The bus had wifi which was great! It’s actually how I’m writing most of this post hehe.
We arrived in Orlando at around 5.30pm, checked into our hotel which has free wifi, free breakfast, tour services and free HBO, bonus! The room is two queen beds and one bathroom, a little squishy but it’ll do. After dropping our stuff off we headed off to a buffet down the road our cab driver recommended, it had a huge variety of food and was pretty cheap which is good since we are all spending a lot more then anticipated.
After dinner we came back to our room for showers and tv time but stopped off along the way to buy our Disney tickets, yipee Disney!!
Bedtime for an early start and a big day tomorrow.

Weather xx

A few road differences I have noticed besides the obvious they drive on the opposite side of the road and the car lol;
– Cars only have number plates on the back, they don’t need them on the front.. Weird!
– Car indicators here are red!? Which is very hard because I just think they’re braking lol
– Some of their highways are like six lanes wide, I seen this in Bangkok too but I dunno if we have any roads that wide in Australia? Anyone?
– There street signs are awesome, they have those little ones on the side of the road like we do but they also have huge green ones in the middle off the traffic lights (which are also different to ours, explained below).
– Addresses and streets contain either a N S E or W in them to state which direction on the street you are traveling, pretty cool.
– The traffic lights are hanging across the middle of the lane on a cable thing, super strange compared to our traffic light poles in Oz.







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