Day 17 – Attempting to feel accomplished in Miami

Alarm set for 10.00am, snoozed it until 11.00am, see I told you it would be hard! We got up and got ready but Jean was definitely not in any state to spend the day accomplishing things so her and Jordyn stayed in.

Sim, Ratt and I headed off with intention to finish as many Miami bucket list items as possible as it was our last full day in this city (tomorrow off to Orlando). First stop was Vizcaya Museum and Gardens which is a huge property that was once owned and built by a wealthy man. He had designed the property to be mostly gardens in order to reserve some of the Forrest area around Miami, his house is also designed to incorporate nature and was quite extravagant! (P.S. Don’t quote me on this information, I’m no historian, I’m just quoting google lol).

Anyway back on track.. The gardens were amazing full of fountains and we even saw RACCOONS! Sorry no pics though. The house was full of old Renaissance style decor, all very pretty. After Vizcaya we decided to check out Bayside Marketplace in main Miami which was quite a nice mall with a beautiful view of the boat marina, I successfully bought a few things at this mall so I was very happy 😊☺️😊

We headed back in to South Beach for a stroll up Collins Ave to check out DASH store and Sephora (Ratt lost her shit in this store). Finally what we had been planning since we got to Miami…. Dinner on Ocean Drive, we walked along reading menus until we found one we liked (two for one cocktails was the real attraction lol). Pasta it was @ PrimeTime restaurant. We chilled and drank our cocktails until it was dark so that we could see the famous Ocean Drive at night and get some photos (sorry those are on my camera so the won’t be posted). We headed home to get ready for Mansion nightclub which we got free VIP tickets for from some nice guy at dinner, yipee! At home Jean and Jordyn decided they were in no state to out and Jordyn had an early flight so we decided to stay in and order Italian delivery. While waiting for the food Jean and I decided to make the most of the apartment pool do we decided to go for a swim and then once our food arrived the five of us sat around the pool and ate. I was getting late, around 1.00am by now so it was time to shower and clean the apartment .. It was such a mess!

Bed time, talk tomorrow!
Weather xx


















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