Day 16 – Independence Day Miami

Surprisingly even with our not so eventful day yesterday we all managed to snooze our alarms and sleep through to 11.00am, which was not ideal considering we were planning on going to Nikki Beach Pool Party at that time. Finally getting up and ready we realized it was probably too late to pre drink and still make it to Nikki Beach, so we had two choices – not pre drink and buy drinks there probably for similar prices to Wet Republic in Las Vegas OR drink at home and find a different way to celebrate our Independence Day. PRE DRINK it is! We pulled out the vodka, the soft drink and the cards and the game of kings begun. After many drinks we decided to head to the beach since we were already dressed for the pool. It was beautiful, the water was blues and greens, amazingly warm and the weather was fantastic. After a couple of hours at the beach we decided to check out the Japanese Buffet we walked past the day before. All you can eat sushi, Chinese, Japanese and dessert.. Yumm!! After dinner we headed home to get ready and play round two of kings. A few hours later we arrived at LIV nightclub which was not as hard to get into as we first thought considering there was valet and a Ferrari parked out the front. The club was two floors decked out in American colours with pretty dancing girls and waitresses in teeny tiny sailor outfits. Half way through the night the club handed out large foam glow sticks and a float went through the dance floor throwing out American flags along with tonnes of confetti floating down. It was quite the amazing experience. After LIV we headed home for a 5am bedtime, tomorrow is going to be hard lol.

Weather xx
















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