Day 15 – Miami and a few general observations

After sleeping for as long as we could, we got up and headed for a late breakfast at South Beach’s Lincoln Road which is a street not accessed by cars and purely for shopping and eating. We were all so hungry that we just settled for the first place that looked remotely good but fairly priced. After brunch we explored the street making our way in and out of all the stores along the way. We came across a bar that also did Shisha (Flavoured Smoke stuff) so we decided it would be fun to do some Shisha and cocktails. After a few cocktails (excluding weather) everyone was a little buzzed but we continued on for some more shopping. We ended the night with some dessert from Serendipity3 and an early night in preparation for July 4th Celebrations.

A few observations of the USA so far;
1. The opening direction of doors are very inconsistent and makes for regular awkward moments.

2. Anywhere where businesses know you will require water at some point, for example a club, attraction or pool party, they will charge between $9.00 – $13.00 per bottle! I find that quite ridiculous making drunk people at a club pay for water.

3. There are not enough toilets anywhere! In Australia there are regulations about that stuff, a certain amount of toilets per amount of people expected to use a specific space and the numbers are jacked up heaps for places serving alcohol. In the USA shopping centres and other high capacity spaces have sometimes one single male and one single female toilet to serve one whole floor or large area. I dunno about everyone else but waiting sucks and for people like my Nonna, waiting in that line just would not be possible.. I dunno how the oldies here do it!

4. Dogs are allowed EVERYWHERE! Here I am shopping in Forever 21 and this chick is just walking her two dogs around the shop while she looking for an outfit. Holy Crap! I have even seen dogs in the airport, in bars and pretty much every person in our apartment block owns a dog.. its crazy.

5. Smoking is allowed everywhere except very select places. WTF, YUK. We even had a chick smoking in the pool at the pool party in Vegas.. Hate it.

Besides those few weird things I have found the USA to be quite enjoyable so far. The weather has been nice, most people have been friendly, there has been plenty of things to do at all ours of the night and day which is great for us shitheads that seem to be most active late at night lol.

Thanks for reading,
Weather xx.





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