Day 14 – We’re in Miami B***h!

After leaving San Francisco at 12.30am this morning we had a 3.5 hour flight to Minneapolis where we had a 3 hour stopover followed by another 3.5 hour flight to Miami. Arriving in Miami was depressing as it was pouring rain and there were worries of a severe storm affecting the east coast. We contacted our host then headed off to our apartment in South Beach where the maid met us and gave us the run down. The view was very pretty and the apartment was clean, modern and spacious with two bedrooms and two bathrooms hosting 3 large beds.

As soon as everyone got in jordyn and Jean headed to bed whereas Sim, Weather and I decided to unpack our stuff and then shower. Everyone passed out but me, so I stayed up for a good few hours playing with my tablet.

I started to feel hungry pretty fast and was contemplating getting food delivered but I wasn’t sure if we had dinner plans. So I waited…and waited and waited till miraculously jordyn woke up followed by sim and weather! Hooooooray!

Anyway, we decided to order from a place called the big pink and right now… An hour later, we are still waiting on our food….

I’ll let you know whether we actually get our food or if we starve tomorrow ahahahaha

Goodnight, Weather and Ratt xx
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