Day 12 – San Francisco…. Thai food, Alcatraz, Seafood and Tourist Shopping

30th June 2014;

After our tiring day yesterday, Sim, Weather and I woke up starving at around 11am. It was time to find something to eat, so we stopped at a small Thai restaurant where the prices were awesome! It cost us around $8 to $10 for our large meals! Mmmmm

After our little feast we met up with the other girls to head to a mall to exchange some $$. The mall was huge but by the time we got there it was around 2ish and weather, sim, jean, em and jordyn had plans to visit Alcatraz at 3pm. I didn’t want to go as jails freak me out, so I headed back to the hostel where I messed about with our blog before heading off to pier 33 to meet the girls for a seafood dinner!

Dinner was sooooo good and so worth the wait! Weather and I shared a lobster tail which was pretty yummy! We also ordered a side of calamari – which once again could have fed the whole table! The view from our table was spectacular and we were even convinced by the waiter to get some dessert, which I must say was also pretty damn good!

Afterwards, we sat around feeling pretty satisfied and a bit sick. We had around about an hour to explore the shops around the pier. We spent our time buying souvenirs to take home before we headed back to the hostel.

A bit of a nice and relaxing day after yesterday’s sweat trek!

Adios amigos!
Ratt and Weather xx














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