Day 11 – Hello San Francisco!

29th June 2014;

We don’t enjoy mornings.. Yet we had to get up at 6.00am after our three hours sleep….once again! God this is killing us both 😭

We headed off to the airport leaving very little time to spare, we went though security checks and jumped straight onto the plane.

We landed in San Francisco at 9.00am and when we all began to collect our luggage we hit the first snag in our journey…. Oh wait no.. Mines (Weathers) luggage was not there! Apparently all our luggage was late checked and for some reason weathers luggage didn’t make it onto our fought and therefore wouldn’t be coming In until 1pm on the next flight from Vegas. It was so stupid since all our bags went on at the same time but mine was the only one that didn’t make it 😑😑😑😑

Anyway they organized to deliver my bag to the hotel for a charge because apparently this was my own fault…… whatever just get me my stuff!

We caught a cab to our hostel and the driver told us that the gay parade was on near our hostel so he dropped us off 5 blocks away from our hostel.
So there we all are, 6 girls pushing our luggage through San Fran..oh the joy. We manoeuvred like ninjas through crowds and then we hit our second wee snag… Bloody hell. We had to get to the other side of the street where the parade was running through, and the only way to get there was to go down the stairs to the train station and come out the other end. This meant we had to carry our 15kg+ luggage down at least 20 steps to get to the bottom. This was such a struggle as people were also coming up the stairs as we were heading down.
Once we reached the bottom, we soon realised that we had to carry our luggage up more stairs to get to the other side. Fml, there were no elevators so we had to just suck it up and do it. It felt to me (Ratt) like a very traumatic experience… Once we reached the top, we had to push and trudge along the streets until we got to our hostel.

We finally arrived at the HI San Francisco Downtown. This was in a pretty good spot and was quite cute. However, unfortunately we couldn’t check in until 3pm so we dropped our bags off and headed to the diner next door for a much needed food break!

After stuffing our faces, we decided that bike riding through San Francisco would be a beautiful way to see the sights so we headed up the road to the bike shop. Once we got to the bike shop we all confessed that we hadnt ridden a bike In quite a long time.. dear god, I’m starting to think that this idea might not have been so good after all. BUT we already signed up and listened to the bike path instructions so we did it, we got our bikes and off we went into the unknown…. Ahahahahah

I am not the most active person (Ratt) so this whole ride was a ride from hell, it too was traumatic and I’m not just whinging but we rode up so many damn hills! SF is incredibly hilly, where there are so many ups and downs! Not to mention that we were riding on bike paths right next to moving cars! Amazingly so, we didn’t get beeped or sworn at for our crazy riding.

After what felt like a lifetime we made our first stop at Golden Gate Park! It was huge and full of amazing buildings and beautiful gardens! From here we made it to the ocean and along past The Cliff House up and around to The Golden Gate; when I say up I mean up! The hill was so STEEEEEP that I’m so surprised that one of us didn’t pass out. It was an intense ride and I couldn’t wait till it was over! It was like riding up the Clyde mountain between Batemans Bay and Canberra – an absolute killer!

Finally we made it to the golden Gate Bridge! It was completely windy but the ride was breathtaking! I mean, WE MADE IT! WE WE’RE RIDING ON THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!!!!

Once we got to the end of the bridge we decided to head down to a quaint little town called Sausalito to catch the ferry, Sausalito is an amazing little town, I would love to explore it more. It was cute, quirky, right along the ocean and was just plain out beautiful!

The ferry took us over to Fisherman’s Wharf where we got off and rode back to drop the bikes off. All up I’d say it was about a 40km ride, maybe more! It took us round about 5-6 hours to complete and we didn’t actually follow the advised path we were given. Go us!!

When we got back to our SF home, we decided to go check out the local Cheesecake Factory where we all sat down for a meal and some dessert, yummy!! Dinner was soooo good! It was probably the best meal we had so far!

After that we all went back to the hotel! It was time for a much needed sleep! Everyone was battered and bruised from the ride and sleep was very much welcomed!

Weather and Ratt xx

IMG_2757 IMG_2789









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