Day 10 – The Vegas Pool Party Experience and our last day in Vegas!

28th June 2014;

We were all SCREWED.. After going to bed at almost daylight (I think Jean, Em and Jordyn may have even come home during the day) getting up at 10.30am was not ideal. It was such a struggle to get everyone out of bed and ready in time for the Wet Republic Pool Party at MGM Grand, where Calvin Harris was DJ-ing at. The party didn’t start till 11am and we had to be there before 1pm… unfortunately we got there just a bit after 1… badass we already know 😉 … but the line was soooo LONG!  Such a mistake as 1. it was already 41 degrees by the time we got to the outside of the pool and 2. the line was CRAZY CRAZZZZY LONG. It was unfreaking believable how many people were lined up trying to get in! We had already pre-booked our tickets however our line was still just as long as the line for those on the guest list. We’re not even joking when we say there were hundreds of people waiting to get in, while we were standing in the sweltering heat we witnessed two girls pass our from heat stroke.. That was intense. After about an hours wait, we thought we were in but NOOOOOO we had to wait in yet again… Another line. Bleh. This one wasn’t so bad as it was undercover, yet the line was still kind of long. This line was the security check line, where they check your bag for any illicit items. We got through quick and in we went! But the problem we now encountered was where the hell do we put our stuff? Again like XS, Wet Republic kind of required a pre purchased Cabana to have anywhere at all to sit. We made do, grabbed our Wet Republic towels, took our gear off, wrapped it up and piled it in the corner and hopped on into the pool! Water was good, weather was good, music was good, company was good – so far so good! ☺️☺️


After a while in the sun we decided it was time for a drink so we headed up to the bar and ordered 2 bottles of water and 4 slushies, total? $190.00… You’ve got to be kidding!! That makes each slushie around $40 each and the water around $15 each! We paid our bill but were not very happy considering it was $60 each to get in on top of that!! Whoever said Vegas was cheap, never left their hotel room! 😭😱😤

After a bit more pool fun we decided it was time to move on. We grabbed some Mexican along the way where once again the servings were humongous! As we learnt about these portion sizes, we decided it would probably be beat if we started sharing our meals. We ended up getting enchiladas which were decent and jordyn got this massive nacho bowl which would have fed us all!

After food, Jean, Em and Jordyn went back to the hotel for a nap and the other 3 of us decided to head north exploring the strip.


After a few hours of exploring, most of it in Victoria secret trying on stuff ☺️ we headed to the Bellagio for a buffet dinner. Sadly they were sold out for the night so we rushed over to Caesars Palace….. Unfortunately for us they too were too full up, which was completely devastating 😭😭😭😣

We ended up picking a nice Italian place with a beautiful fountain view, called Trevi in the forum shops at Caesars where the girls came and met us and the 6 of us had dinner together. Yummy! We all enjoyed our meals but yet again we forgot our previous food encounters and didn’t learn from those experiences.. Where we ended up and ordering a dish each… Bad idea… None of us finished our meal and the rest of what we couldn’t eat, would have feed another 6 people 😓



After dinner we headed to the Venetian in search of the gondolier rides. Sadly for us, we were too late as it was already midnight by this point. We explored a bit before heading over to the High Roller (meant to be worlds biggest Ferris wheel) at the LINQ. The view was nice but the ride was a little long.




Finally we hopped off, jumped in some cabs to head home to bed for the night. We had an early start tomorrow, as we were off to San Francisco.. See ya later Las Vegas…. You wee absolutely crazy!

Adios, Weather and Ratt xx


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