Day 9 – Las Vegas…Explorers, Aquariums, XS and Late night Snacks

27th June 2014;

After a very eventful night last night, we basically spent the day catching up on some very much needed sleep. We slept most of the day until Ratt and I decided it would be fun to go check out some Casinos. We hadn’t really explored vegas yet so we thought it would be a good opportunity to checkΒ out what we could.

We walked to Mandalay Bay which was pretty ginormous and pretty schmick looking. Woweeee. So far I have found Vegas to be a really clean place, the service has been really good at all the places I’ve been to and the people are really nice. The whole strip is amazing and it’s true when they say everything is really bigger and better in Vegas. However in Vegas everyone smokes, inside, outside wherever they can. It was terrible walking through each casino and inhaling smoke… Eugh

Anyway, getting back on topic where we’re in Mandalay we walked through all the pokies and found the food court where we decided that spaghetti and meatballs sounded yummy enough for lunch. The spaghetti was alright, and by meatballs we got two meatballs… So generous.. Not really ahahahaha. After lunch we went into the casinos aquarium which cost us about $18 each to get in. It was full of cool decor and exhibits including shark tanks! After our little journey, we stopped at the gift shop where I (Weather) got a present for Nonna.

We decided it would be fun to meet up with Sim and head to the New York Casino to ride the roller coaster.

Before heading to the roller coaster we came across a crepe place, Mmmmmm crepes :3 We decided to get them filled with berries and smothered in Raspberry sauce and icing sugar (yes…. no ice cream, cause I (Weather) can’t have dairy. If only I could! πŸ˜”).

After Our little food break, we met up with sim to go on the rollercoaster. The line wasn’t too bad but as soon as the cart started to move, the more I hyperventilated and almost lost my shit. I looked down and we were pretty high from the ground and then I looked up and the climb was so steep I was contemplating on fake passing out to get off. We waited for what felt like forever until the cart started to move. It felt like I was in a rocket cause the climb was so steep, don’t get me wrong, the view was amazing and we were doing the ride at night so the strip was all lit up and pretty. As we slowly crept up to my imminent death I looked down and nearly shat myself, faaaaark…. It was a huge ass drop and as we made the climb down I felt like my heart just fell out of my ass and I was gonna die. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I knew we only just started, I screamed so loud and swore the whole ride. Weather thought it was hilarious and the more I screamed the more she laughed! She found it hilarious but I found it traumatic… I don’t know how I’ll survive Orlando…. All those theme parks… All the rollercoasters….. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

Once we got off I thanked Jesus and felt like kissing the ground… Such a relief to be on stable ground it was amazing πŸ˜‰

We continued on through the Cosmopolitan and eventually to the Bellagio where we watched the fountain show which was really cool! The streams of water reached such a high height and the sounds of the water sounded like thunder, it was beautiful.

Our feet were sore from such a long walk so we decided to head home. The other three girls had gone to another show starring the same guys from last nights show so we decided to instead check out XS nightclub.

We bought a few Apple Vodka Slushies and got dressed to impress πŸ˜‰ On arrival outside XS the place was packed and surrounded by beautiful girls. RedFoo was the guest DJ for the night so the place was going off. Prior to our entry to XS, we had heard some girls in the bathroom talking about how they couldn’t get in which made us nervous about our chances… We may have been nervous but we gave it a shot anyway. This lead to our success as we were let in a while after they spent ages checking our id’s. Proof of age card didn’t work, license didn’t work so I had to pull out a copy of my passport before they let us in. Man were they thorough in checking our id’s!!!

The inside of the entire place was quite amazing but all the seating was completely run by VIP table service –meaning unless you paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars in advance for seating, you were stuck standing πŸ˜”

As we had not paid an extravagant fee for a table we headed over to the bar and bought 3 Vodkas which came out to $50…..WOW….screw that! We drank our drinks, danced for a bit, people watched before we decided our feet were sore and needed to head home. We were tired and bed sounded sooooo good. We arrived home at around just before 4am, where Sim and I decided it was time for a snack. We headed up to maccas wanting to grab a Big Mac and nuggets but the service was sooo slow that when we reached the counter, the lady turned the menu to breakfast right in front if us! I, of course was outraged and really really sad and and ended up ordering hash browns and some egg and bacon thing. After that, we went to bed!

Night! Weather and Ratt xx





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