Day 8 – Las Vegas… Early Mornings, Grand Canyon and One HELL of a Night

26th June 2014;

Today we had another early morning, we had to get up at 6 for our 6.45am pick up by Maverick airlines, for our Grand Canyon tour. After we were picked up it was around a 20 minute bus ride to their airport followed by around an hour long scenic flight on a small 19 seat plane. On the plane we saw some spectacular views and when we landed, we were taken on a cute little bus ride to two spots along the canyon. The Grand Canyon is massive and so breathtaking!! Our photos really don’t do the canyon justice, it doesn’t even show just how amazing and big it is!

Apparently there are a lot of animals lurking around and we even managed to saw a squirrel! Looking down on the canyon we saw the huge drop and and the sheer size of it extended way beyond the our eyes could could see.

We ended up leaving the canyon around 2pm where we boarded our little plane back to Vegas. The views were still amazing with our bonus view being of our really cute pilot … Ahahahahahaha 😉

Back home, we were able to meet up with Jordyn as she only just arrived. We still had time left in the day to kill. so Weather came with Sim and I to get American SIM cards for our phones. sorted so we headed off to T-Mobile then the Premium Outlet South for some shopping, while the other girls went ticket hunting for a male strip show this time.
We ended up getting tickets for Men The Experience at the Riviera so we hopped In a cab and to meet the girls. The show was quite entertaining the men we pretty good too 😉

After the show we went back to the hotel where Jean, Em and Jordyn fell asleep but Sim, Ratt and I were keen for some fun. We pulled out the vodka and the tunes and shortly after we were off to Hakkasan nightclub at MGM Grand. The line was long but lucky for us, one listen to our Aussie accents meant that we were quickly put into the VIP line and on the guest list for tomorrow night as well. Inside was nice and the place was packed. Drinks were also pretty damn pricey where water was a ridiculous $9.00 a bottle which is ridiculously expensive considering back home we get water for free. It’s a damn necessity but here it’s crazy ridiculous to spend that…I mean I could have got a meal at maccas for that price.. Oh well. What’s done is done.

The whole night ended up being a night none of us will ever forget, unfortunately what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but I will say – we made the hangover look like a kids movie 😉😉

Weather and Ratt xx


















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