Day 7 – Las Vegas… Reunited!

Another early morning start with free breakfast the hotel, bagels are so big here! We hop in our car and off we to explore Horseshoe Bend on our way back to Vegas. We drove a couple minutes out of Page, parked our car and joined plenty of other people in the walk to see this beautiful sight. We started the walk which was about 800m but wow did it seem long and of course I chose to wear thongs, silly choice. We arrived at the edge and wow what an amazing sight, the photos truly do not show the depth and size of this thing. We headed back to the car and boy did we struggle, sweating my ass off walking up hill on sand in thongs in 40 degrees! After reaching the car we began our 5 hour journey back Las Vegas which was quite fast and scenic. We stopped at the Brain Centre along the way to take in some of Architect Frank Gehry’s greatest work, what a piece of art! Continuing on we reach Excalibur Casino where we dropped off our car, checked into our room and waited for the girls to arrive. Approx 5.30pm Sim and Ratt arrived, yipeee! Ratt will tell you what happens next.. 😉 Weather xx


Sim and I arrived in Vegas around 5pm. Prior to our arrival we were in Nadi, Fiji for approximately 2 hours where we said our “see you soon’s” to Jordyn who was staying the night in Nadi, before departing for Vegas the next morning.

Our flight to Vegas took around 10 hours. I slept for a bit of it but sim hardly slept at all. We had a two hour stopover in Los Angeles before our flights to Vegas so we decided to try out Burger King. It’s pretty much hungry jacks but on steroids… No joke. Portion sizes are MASSIVE! I think I almost had a heart attack eating my burger…. So much going on with the grease and fried onion rings, double cheese and beef… Almost died, Legit no joke. I just thanked God that I had 2 hours sitting down on a plane to recover.

Fast forward 2 hours and we’ve arrived in Vegas! The flight was fast and filled with some nice views it was complete desert until all of a sudden out of nowhere we see signs of civilisation. It started with a road, then a small building/house, windmills then BAM a whole town.

Needless to say, I quite enjoyed the plane ride. Moving on, sim and I caught our first taxi and the guy ripped us off! It cost us around $36 to get to our hotel, Excalibur. The place was HUGE looook:

Finally we were reunited with Weather, Jean and Emily! They caught us up on all their little adventures and it sounded like they has a blast! For some reason I wasn’t jet lagged so we night we went to see Fantasy – a girls strip show, which was 99% topless, full of singing and a lot of jokes from some comedian. I enjoyed the comedy in the show but too much boobage going on that I did not expect.

Anyway after the show we went and had dinner at a place called public. Servings there were indeed massive! Sim ordered a salad and it looked like it would feed at last 5 people, I don’t remember what I ordered cause from what I recall… It wasn’t any good. But the prices are pretty much the same as they are in Australia! Still kind of pricey but hey, we gotta eat, so we gotta pay. Bleh.

We didn’t so anything that night cause we were all tired so we slept early (from what I recall).

So that’s what we did on my first day in Vegas. All I can tell you is Vegas is beautiful, all the city lights, all the hotels that are very very grand as well as the performers and characters on the side of the street which make Vegas kind of unique and exciting!

That’s all i have for now, but you can all blame me for the late posts ahahahaha. I did say in our about me section that I was always late and never on time with anything… Weather posted regularly on her own, yet when I get here and there are two of us to blog.., we blog late and are a few days behind.,. SORRRRRYYY.

Enjoy the pics! We’ll post more at the end of today…. Hopefully!












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