Day 6 – Page, Arizona

7.00am alarm – time for hotel complementary breakfast of cereals, toasts, muffins and yogurts.. Yum. Now off to get ourselves on a Lake Powell boat tour and an Antelope Canyon tour. Arrive at the AC tour shop to find they are completely booked for today and we are leaving in the morning! I was completely devastated!! I had booked this entire road trip purely for the purpose of seeing this canyon. The front desk lady says she can put us on a standby wait list for 9.00am incase not everyone shows up but we must be here at that time ready to go (mind you it’s 8.45am and we are in our pjs – they aren’t obvious pjs though). So we decide to wait because this is literally my current purpose in life lol. After waiting around we notice there are lots of people arriving and ticking off their names, we are not hopeful and at this point I’m furious and upset at the same time that we didn’t prebook like I knew we should have. During our wait we met a nice family that asked us about Australia and our trip who were going on the 9am tour and had very similar day plans to ours. They ended up asking us to go boating and swimming on Lake Powell (which we had reserved already with a tour company for 4pm but hadn’t paid yet). We agreed to join them and told them we’d call them later seeing as we were sure this tour was a no go for us. The time had come and all the tour trucks were full, I was so upset. Suddenly the tour lady comes running it telling us one truck had 3 spaces remaining and to hurry up and get on it… OMG! I must have done something right in life because that was a miracle! So we jumped on the truck and off we went. We arrived at Antelope Canyon after a bit of off roading and wow.. Amazing! Our tour guide showed us beautiful spots to take photos and even showed me settings on my camera to make my photos better. We wondered through the canyon for about an hour then headed back to the store. When we arrived at the store the family we previously met was there and asked us if we were still keen to go boating with them.. Hells yea! We hopped in our car and followed them to the marina where they kept their own boat (they were from California but decided to being their boat along on their holiday). We got on the boat which was very nice, it even had a toilet.. Big bonus! The lady ‘Debbie’ had bought us subway for lunch and all sorts of snacks, wow such nice people. The family consisted of the guy driving the boat, his fiancĂ©, his son and his son’s son – very cute! We explored along Lake Powell, through canyons and even went swimming for 6-7 hours before arriving back on shore and heading to our hotel. After a beautiful but long day we were all sunburnt (damn you 40 degree days!), tired and hungry so we headed to the Mexican place up the road. Back to our hotel we go to sleep ready for our long trip back to Vegas to meet the other girlies! Yipee!

P.S – Driving around has at times proved challenging with a few mishaps of turning into the wrong lane lol all good tho.

P.S.S – The photos have absolutely nothing on the real thing, you could never understand Antelope Canyon or Lake Powell unless you seen them in real life.

Night boys and girls.









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