Day 5 – The longest drive ever!

After 3 hours sleep we wake up, check out and head off ready for our adventure. First stop; Excalibur to pick up our hire car. We go to the car rental desk and start the paying and signing process when Jean’s credit card is declined. A second attempt – still declined.. An attempt with her debit card.. Declined again and this was the final time they would allow. We were stressing as we had no accommodation booked for the next two days and now possibly a paid for hire car that we can’t actually take. The guy was a bit of a douche but his manager allowed me to try my Citibank debit card and like magic it worked.. Thank god! (Citibank cards are the best!!). The rule is if you paid, you drive so I grabbed my keys and off we went to find our car.
I hopped in thinking this was going to be a nightmare and I would crash 500m down the road but after driving through Las Vegas and along the highway for 1.5 hours I decided it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Unfortunately navigating the desert of western USA wasn’t quite as simple so we asked a service station attendant to find we had driven at least an hour in the wrong direction because the GPS had told us wrong. GPS = never using in USA again. At this point I was bored with driving so Jean took over and off we went back the way we came to find our destination. After many stops for directions, maps drawn by strangers and almost 9 hours since we left Las Vegas we finally arrived at Page, Arizona. Wow! Not such a nice town but man was the drive scenic and the surrounding tour options just as exciting. Hopefully tomorrow will be a visually beautiful day but for now it’s finally time for a proper nights sleep!
(P.S. Photos def don’t show the size and amazement that real life does)

Goodnight y’all (Lol lame!)
Weather xx




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