Days 2, 3 & 4 – Las Vegas

Sorry for the delay, things have been a little hectic so I thought I’d cover the last few days in one blog.

Friday 20th June;
After our big night on Fremont street the night before we were all pretty ruined so after sleeping until the afternoon we decided to hit the mall. We headed off to the North Premium Outlet in search of some clothes for EDC. We had a healthy lunch consisting of a chicken salad rap and smoothies which was refreshing! We walked around the mall spending a big chunk of time in the Nike outlet, shoes for $30 is crazy!! We ended up buying some Nike shorts each. It was getting close to closing time so we quickly went into the Charlotte Russe store and all found some great things 🙂
We headed back to the hotel but stopped at the pharmacy/grocery/grog store all in one – amazing what they sell at a ‘pharmacy’! So it was Johnny Rockets for dinner, I got a hot dog again, man I love those things and the girls got sandwiches. Finally it was off to a EDC and wow was it pretty. We ended up catching a party bus home which was crazy, it even had a stripper pole and the driver was giving out cups of vodka.. Mmm yum.. nothing like a cup of vodka at 6am to feel good for the day, NOT, I’ll pass thanks!.. Finally got back to our hotel at around 8.30am, made the most of the hotels free breakfast.. Hehe bagels are yum. Finally sleep time!







Saturday 21st June;
After waking up from our sleep we decided it was time to sort this phone situation so off we went to T-Mobile.. Yipee I finally have a phone! We headed to the LINQ casino to grab some dinner, Chinese seemed like a good choice, we grabbed our EDC shuttle passes and headed home to get ready. After a few hours of drinks and prep time we headed to the shuttle and were off for round 2 of EDC. The night went fast and before we knew it we were heading back to our hotel. Got back to the hotel just in time for free hotel breakfast so we decided that was a good idea followed by a few hours of swimming and tanning by the pool.. Ahhh best way to relax when it’s 8am and 29 degrees already. Afterwards Jean and I decided to grab some food at the strip at Paris Casino while Em caught up on her sleep. Finally sleep time for all.





Sunday 22nd June;
After sleeping until 9pm we got up and realized we need to get ready and head to EDC quick smart if we wanted to make it to see Above & Beyond. We headed to the LINQ again to catch our shuttle but firstly grabbed a hot dog each for dinner – I got the one with chilli and yuuum! We got on our shuttle headed off to EDC, made out set for A&B then decided before we go it would be fun to go on a ride. We decided on the Claw, I don’t think any of us were expecting it to be so intense but it was good fun and we headed on home. We got to our hotel and decided to get a subway for a little mid-night fix and then off to bed.

Weather xx



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