Meanwhile in Canberra, I’m struggling with packing..

T minus 4 days or approximately 96 hours till lift off….WOOOHOOOO.. well actually it’s more like 4 days till Sim and I board a plane and not a rocket to head to the States!

I’m still in Canberra and I still haven’t gotten my things together. I have issues… No, I’m not crazy but ask my friends and family and they might say otherwise… ahahaha BUT point is, I haven’t gotten my shit together. My bed is a mess and I can’t even be bothered trying to clear it, seriously, packing is time consuming, tiring, makes you hungry, makes you wanna nap, it’s confusing and plain out tiring.. wait.. did I mention that already?  😛


Weather helped me out before she left and when we weighed my luggage it was 11kg. I plan to keep it around that number. HOWEVER.. I know that Weather has doubts on whether or not I will exceed or come close to the max limit of 23kg… Oh Weather… Just you wait… I plan to prove you wrong 😛

It’s 12am and its freezing cold yet I have no idea why I’m feeling so unmotivated. You think I’d be more motivated to clean so I can pass out already but I’m kind of in one of those moods where I just don’t want to do anything at all.

Eh.. time to get started..  Wish me luck!


Fast forward three hours later, its 3am and I cleaned up my act.. I EVEN FOUND MY IPOD! 😀 Just finding it made me sooooo happy! I hadn’t seen it in about 4 months, kind of thought I lost it at uni or on the bus and I kind of missed all my old school music. Anyway, getting back on track,  my packing is pretty much done except for a few things and the second best news of all is that my bed is clear. SEEEEE:

I think I could cry tears of joy from this beautiful, clean view…HAHAHAHA just kidding… but in all seriousness.. It’s time for me to pass out.

Gooooodnight world,

Ratt xx

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