Day 1 – Las Vegas

After checking into our hotel it was time for some exploring so we thought why not check out the famous Fremont street!? So off we went..

Wondering around looking at people in pirates costumes, bumble bee costumes, iron man costumes and so many more. After walking and watching for an hour it was food time so we decided to try this ‘chilli dog’ we’d been hearing about but ended up getting a coney dog (not sure if it’s the same thing) but it was yummo!


We continued on until finding a bar and continuing the eating, nachos sure was a must! The girls dared me to eat 6 jalapeños in one mouth full – def not as bad as I thought it would be. We also ordered a giant cocktail which was fun ..



Venturing along again we noticed lots of beautiful girls dancing on the bars along the street so we thought what better way to introduce Vegas then to see a strip club. So we found a place that looked half decent and went on in.. Some seedy dude gave us all a big chunk of $1 bills to spend, which was awesome for us but at the same time – what a creeper!?

After a couple too many drinks we decided to move on to Hardrock Casino, Jean didn’t make it so we dropped her off at home first lol! Em and I decided to have a late night snack which turned into a cute date (LOL) and a huge burger/sandwich meal.



Now 4am it was bedtime (it should have been hours earlier seeing as I’d been awake since 7am two days earlier)

Goodnight peeps,
Weather xxx

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