Goodbye Australia! Hello Vegas!

I decided that sleep was less necessary than seeing the season finale of The Originals so after staying up and watching it for almost 5 hours I was done! Now off we go to Sydney airport and our luck hit a kangaroo along the way.. Damn it!!
Anyway carrying on got to airport at 9.30am and hiccup number 2.. The three of us have been put on different flights!! What tha!! After many many different people passing us around and lots of stress we all got on the same flight – time now? 11.45am! There goes our plans to get drunk at the airport 😦 we had to quickly rush off to board our flight.

Arrival in Fiji with a 2 hour wait between flights, boring.. so a few beers n some chips were in order before jumping on part 2 of the journey.

10 hours later we are at LAX and wow lines were long but things ran smooth and we were quickly on our last flight to Vegas.

Arrived finally after 26 hours of transit! Hello Vegas!! And what a scenic flight! Mountains and desert looked very pretty. We also had a little giggle at the poker machines in the airport haha!





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