Pre-Trip Shenanigans

We are off to the USA! Girls trip.. yipee!!
We have myself, Jean and Emily leaving on Thursday (19th June 2014) followed by Sim and Ratt leaving next week (25th June 2014) and lastly Jordyn leaving (26th June 2014)

So the madness is very much under way! Visas, passports, phone unlocking, last minute bookings, etc etc and worst of all.. PACKING! Ratt came over to help with some decision making but as you can see… she didn’t help much lol!


I had convinced myself my little red suitcase was plenty of room. In went the gadget related items, followed by the shoes and toiletries and then some clothes and yep.. its full. So what now.. do I upgrade to the black one..? Decisions decisions and I’m leaving in less than 24 hours!!

10411395_10152549310185746_5732398499938033017_n 10410144_10152549310250746_6634972469183113478_n10310691_10152549310195746_5175182052948673957_n  10390997_10152549310175746_1216938313793924696_n

12 hours later;
Its past midnight and I am still sorting out stuff but at least I’m finally packed!! And the winner was the black bag, its a few kilos heavier but at least it has a lot more room for any goodies I wanna bring home 🙂


Til next time.. Weather! Xx

One thought on “Pre-Trip Shenanigans

  1. Its an awesome USA trip worth for you following “bucket list” I love it good on you have lots of fun around american dream!! have a safe trip watch your back!! love from aunty!

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